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What is Hoodia?

Hoodia, as used in various herbal weight loss supplements, is extracted from a cactus like plant, native to South Africa and Namibia. The Hoodia plant has 13 different species and is often incorrectly called the Hoodia Cactus. Although similar in appearance to something from the cactus family it is in fact from the Apocynaceae family. The plant is flower bearing and grows up to a meter in height. Hoodia is native to arid conditions and is a succulent, retaining water in its thick stems.

What is the Hoodia diet?

Of the 13 species of Hoodia plant, it is the Hoodia Gordonii variety that is associated to the Hoodia Diet. Known by many other names including Hoodia Cactus, Stapelia gordonii, Kalahari Cactus, Xhooba, Ikhoba, Bushman's Hat or Queen of the Namib, to name a few, this species of Hoodia plant has gained recent global attention for its professed ability to suppress the human appetite.

The active ingredient believed to be the affect in Hoodia weight loss is a chemical called P57, which is meant to stimulate a part of the brain that in turn sends a message to your body that you are not hungry. One dose of P57 in the form of a Hoodia supplement is said to decrease interest in eating for a full day.

Does Hoodia work and are there side effects? 

The question on the lips of many a dieter looking for any assistance in weight loss is, does Hoodia work and are there any Hoodia side effects? Currently there is no published scientific research proving the theory of appetite reduction with any Hoodia supplement. Nor is there any published research proving dangerous Hoodia side effects.

A small unpublished clinical trial was conducted in 2001 that showed promising results using the pure form of Hoodia extract. However, this trial, as mention, was unpublished and was not testing a specific supplement on the market today. So in short, the answer to the question, does hoodia work, is ... maybe, no one really knows. For more information on the above mentioned clinical trial and the effectiveness of Hoodia supplements and products check out our detailed Does Hoodia Work page.

Although there are no proven Hoodia Gordonii side effects, there are a number of precautions that should be taken into consideration. Additional details can be found in our Hoodia Side Effects section.

What Hoodia Supplement is best?

The lack of scientific research has not stopped a cascade of hundreds of products from going on the market with a claim to assist people in their weight loss endeavors. Some of these products include Desert Burn, Hoodi Thin, H57, Hoodoba, Hoodia Hoodia and many more.

The variety of Hoodia diet supplements available is extensive. The most popular form is the Hoodia diet pill or capsule. Another product gaining in popularity is Hoodia Tea, which is especially liked by those who don't like taking pills or capsules. The tea bag filled with Hoodia powder mixed with other teas such as Green Tea or Rooibos. Check out our Hoodia Tea page for more information.

Hoodia liquid based products are also broadly marketed online and in other media. The manufacturers of these weight loss products claim that the liquid from of the Hoodia Gordonii extract is more effectively absorbed by the body than the pill or powder form. However, as mentioned above, none of these claims are supported by published research.

Caution must be exercised when purchasing Hoodia online. It is questionable if many of the online products contain pure Hoodia Gordonii that they claim to. See our Hoodia Products page for a detailed list of Hoodia diet items on the market ranging from pills, powder, liquid and the Hoodia Patch to shakes, tea, candy and even Hoodia lollipops!

Where does Hoodia come from?

The Hoodia Gordonii plant (also generically called Hoodia Cactus) grows naturally in Namibia and South Africa. In those countries, indigenous Bushmen have used it for thousands of years to suppress hunger and thirst on long hunting trips, and where it is still used today by natives to fend off starvation. More recently the Hoodia plant is being cultivated in other areas of the world specifically for Hoodia liquid and powder products, avoiding the issues of obtaining the patented extract from South Africa. However, controversy exists over the effectiveness of the Hoodia Gordonii extract taken from plants grown outside of its native areas of Africa.